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Surfactants are an important component in biological formulations, 
reducing aggregation resulting from shear stress, thermal stress, 
interfacial stress and inherent molecule hydrophobicity. Because 
of the critical role surfactants play in product stability, a detection 
method that is accurate, sensitive, and able to measure degradation 
is highly desirable. Method specificity with respect to surfactant type 
is also beneficial. 

Using HPLC separation, coupled with evaporative light scattering or 
charged aerosol detection (ELSD and CAD), Pace® Life Sciences has 
developed a robust platform for quantitative and qualitative analysis 
of the most commonly used surfactants (polysorbate 80 and 20, 
and poloxamer 188), with no interference from other formulation 
excipients or high concentration biotherapeutics. 

Benjamin Buer, Ph.D., Director of Pharmaceutical Development

Amy Chamberlain, Scientist

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