Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium (NTM) FAQ

The presence of NTM in drinking water systems is a growing concern due to their resilience to conventional water treatment methods and their ability to cause serious pulmonary infections.

Still, NTM typically doesn’t get as much attention as other waterborne pathogens, so water quality managers often feel unprepared to deal with the threat. To help, we compiled answers to some frequently asked questions about NTM.

In this document, we address common questions such as:

  • What is Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium?

  • Which species of NTM are found in water systems?

  • How does NTM get into water distribution systems?

  • How can humans acquire an NTM infection?

  • Who is most at risk from an NTM infection?

  • How can the growth of NTM in water systems be prevented?


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