PFAS in Apparel and Textiles

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of synthetic compounds widely used in the apparel and textiles industry to imbue fabrics with durable water resistance and stain protection. This makes them especially prevalent in outdoor clothing, non-stick fabrics, and personal protective gear.

However, due to their environmental persistence and potential health risks, PFAS have come under increasing regulatory scrutiny. With more and more states like California, Washington, and New York passing bans or restrictions on PFAS in apparel and textiles, many retailers and manufacturers are seeking to phase out these compounds.

In this info sheet, Pace® PFAS experts provide important insights into what manufacturers, importers, and distributors of apparel and textiles need to know. Topics covered include:

  • The current state of regulations regarding PFAS in apparel and textiles

  • PFAS-free product certifications and why they matter

  • Test methods available for analyzing PFAS in apparel and textiles




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