Pace Analytical® mobile laboratory services are geared for a wide variety of on-site testing requirements; our specialty is designing mobile labs for both routine and non-routine projects. We have the resources and expertise to outfit a mobile laboratory with instrumentation ranging from field-based test kits to LC/MS/MS and many options in between. Organic or inorganic compounds in air, water and soil matrices can be targeted with flexible mobile lab solutions for today's environmental investigation and remediation projects.

This infographic presents the key considerations when choosing a mobile lab for your next project including:

  • Reducing project lifecycle costs
  • Dedicated laboratory
  • Dynamic work strategy
  • Wide breadth of capabilities
  • National application of certified methods
  • National laboratory support network

Provided by Pace Analytical®

Pace Analytical® makes the world a safer, healthier place by providing quality, comprehensive testing and analytical services for environmental concerns. Pace was one of the first commercial laboratories to analyze for PFAS. Today, the company provides PFAS testing and analysis at multiple laboratory locations and offers PFAST ®, the only fully certified PFAS mobile lab in the industry. Trust the largest, American-owned and nationally certified laboratory network for accurate, fast results. Learn more at