PFAS Test Method Pace® ASTM D8421/EPA 8327 
New method provides reliable results faster and at a lower cost 

Looking to analyze non-potable water or soil for PFAS? Pace® ASTM D8421/EPA 8327 can provide accurate results, faster and at a lower cost than other methods.

This test method offers a number of advantages over other PFAS test methods:

  • Results can be delivered faster and at a lower price
  • Requires only a 5 mL sample, reducing waste
  • Isotope dilution calibration and quantification for greater reliability of results
  • Offers Method Detection Limits (MDLs) that meet the EPA’s proposed drinking water standards and Regional Screening Levels (RSLs)

The Pace® emerging contaminants team is excited to make this new testing solution available immediately.
To learn more about it download our comprehensive FAQ.

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