Is PFAS Sample Cross-contamination Caused By Sampling?

PFAS are commonly found in various items used during sample collection for laboratory analysis. This, combined with laboratories setting instrument sensitivity to detect PFAS at low levels, raises concerns about potential sample cross-contamination during sampling. Many PFAS sampling procedures require additional precautions not needed for other contaminants and more field quality control samples.

Are these worries justified? This presentation will explore the incidence rate of cross-contamination in 2023 from water samples from across the country, based on a dataset of over 14,000 analytical results. The discussion will cover the limitations of Field Blanks and Field Reagent Blanks, and measures taken to prevent cross-contamination.

Join Paul Jackson, Program Manager, Environmental Compliance & Emerging Contaminants for 30 minutes as he explores the potential for PFAS sample cross-contamination during sampling.

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