PFAS SDWA Regulatory Status and UCMR 5 Updates for Water Systems

In February 2021 US EPA announced its Final Regulatory Determination to add PFOS and PFOA to the SDWA Maximum Contaminant Level list with enforceable limits. This may take up to 36 months, but there’s movement afoot to speed this process up. Also, US EPA recently finalized UCMR 5 which requires the nation’s water systems to sample from January 2023 to December 2025.

During this session you will learn some basics about PFAS and why there’s so much concern about them. We’ll also discuss when PFOA and PFOS may get added to the SDWA MCL list with enforceable limits, how that will affect your system, and what states have already set enforceable limits. For UCMR 5 we’ll dive into which contaminants and test methods are required, when and where you’ll be required to sample, and budgetary costs.

In this 45 minute webinar we will cover:

  • PFAS SDWA Update: what will be the likely impact in Year 1 and beyond when PFOA and PFOS are added to the SDWA MCL

  • PFAS sampling considerations and field QC

  • Which states have already set PFAS enforceable limits or guidance levels

  • UCMR 5 – PFAS will be included again, for a longer list and at lower reporting limits

  • UCMR 5 test methods and what might change in the final Rule

  • UCMR 5 sampling schedules, sampling requirements, and budgetary costs

Paul R. Jackson | National Program Manager – PFAS, Emerging Contaminants & Drinking Water
Kevin Custer, Ph.D | Program Manager – Emerging Contaminants