In February 2021 EPA announced its Final Regulatory Determination to add PFOS and PFOA to the SDWA Maximum Contaminant Level list with enforceable limits. This may take up to 36 months, but there’s movement afoot to speed this process up. In March 2021 EPA published the UCMR 5 proposal for public comment. EPA has until winter 2021 to make changes to it before it issues the final Rule.

During this session you will learn about:

  • When PFOA and PFOS may get added to the SDWA MCL and what states have already set enforceable limits
  • What will be the likely impact in Year 1 and beyond when PFOA and PFOS are added to the SDWA MCL
  • PFAS sampling considerations and field QC
  • UCMR 5 – PFAS will be included again, for a longer list and at lower reporting limits
  • UCMR 5 test methods and what might change in the final Rule
  • UCMR 5 sampling schedules
  • UCMR 5 sampling requirements
  • UCMR 5 budgetary costs

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