What the Proposed Rule Changes to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard May Mean to Your Operations


OSHA proposed modifications to the Hazard Communication Standard earlier this year to align with Revision 7 of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). In turn, many professionals have sought clarity about these changes and what it means to their operations.

Whether you are evaluating your chemicals and products, creating safety data sheets or labels, or implementing your written Hazard Communication program, Pace and HRP will review these proposed changes and what they may mean to you and your operations.


In this webinar, learn about how these changes:

  • Aim to maintain conformity with GHS revision 7.
  • Align certain provisions with Canada and other U.S. agencies.
  • Address issues that have developed since implementation of the 2012 standard.

Register today to get up to speed and access actionable insights from Jackie Baxley, HRP and Steven Ernst, Pace Analytical.




Steven Ernst | Pace Analytical
Senior Regulatory Consultant

Nearly 30 years of industry experience.

Hazard Communication expert. Technical expert for EPA, REACH/RoHS, Canadian WHMIS, DSL, TSCA, OSHA, DOT, FIFRA and more. Experienced training hundreds on DOT, Hazard Communication, TSCA and Department of Homeland Security



Jackie Baxley | HRP Associates
EHS&S Practice Leader

23 years of national and international experience.

Environmental engineering and risk management consultant. Developer of management systems and audit programs. Experienced training thousands over her career.