Quantifying PFAS in Consumer and Related Products: The Latest Developments


The concept of measuring PFAS in Consumer and Related Products has become one of the most talked-about subjects (aside from the suggested MCLs). Across the globe, PFAS bans and restrictions in "articles of commerce" have been in effect for many years and are constantly changing. In the United States, numerous federal and state laws, regulations, bans, and restrictions are being proposed or put into action. 

However, how do you measure PFAS in these non-environmental matrices? Join ASTM subcommittee F15.81 leaders Nick Nigro, Pace Analytical® Services, LLC, Jeffrey Stull International Personnel Protection, Inc., and Rock Vitale Environmental Standards, Valley Forge, PA) for an overview of a Standard Guide covering this topic, including: 

  • Introduction to the ASTM subcommittee charter and overview of the Standard Guide: Selecting and Applying Analytical Methods to Evaluate PFAS in Consumer and Related Products. 

  • Discussion of two key (controversial) topics: "Intentionally Added" and what is "PFAS," and how they are, and are not, addressed in the Standard Guide.  

  • Overview of project planning, analytical technologies, and available methods to quantify PFAS (however defined) in consumer and related products.

  • How do I interpret this data, and other cautionary notes? 

  • Hopeful outcomes of this ASTM Standard Guide.




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